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Swiss Alp Force Essentials (SAFE) was founded in 2021 by a group of people passionate about sport, health and human wellbeing. Inspired by nature, created by bioengineers and scientists, SAFE is the result of a meticulous research and development process using the most advanced technologies to preserve the best of the ingredients used to create the highest quality products such as Swiss Grape and Swiss Alps Sirops.

The benefits of grape cures have been known since the 18th century, and have even been prescribed by the Académie de Médecine since 1933 for the treatment of various illnesses such as intestinal disorders, gallstones, liver failure and acid-base imbalances.

More recently, a study by Western New England University has shown that regular consumption of high-quality organic grapes increases life expectancy.

Positive effects on behaviour and brain activity have also been reported, while the high concentration of antioxidant-rich polyphenols helps to protect the body from oxidative stress and prevent cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Science meets tradition

We give meaning to ingredients from the Swiss Alps, for well-being and sporting performance.
Marc Depallens


With four flavours, Peach, Cola, Lemon and TonicWe want to offer our consumers, young and old, a healthy alternative to soft drinks and other chemical beverages.

That's why we've decided to revisit classic flavours by combining them with our local heritage. 


SWISS GRAPE is a natural 100% concentrate of grape juice and natural plant extracts with a natural 100% sugar content. It is obtained by low-temperature evaporation under vacuum, a method that guarantees its high nutritional quality.