Swiss Alp Force revolutionises

Alpine freshness in your glass!

With its new range of 100% syrups of natural origin, featuring ingredients typical of the Alpine Arc, Swiss Alp Force is offering you a real return to our roots. At the heart of our innovative products, edelweiss, Valais mugwort and genepi.

National emblem, edelweiss is grown in the Valais and traditionally used for its anti-inflammatory and remineralising properties. Often exposed to extreme climatic conditions, this flower has developed highly effective defences. We've made it the star ingredient in our range.

Valais mugwort is a plant used in many recipes in the three countries of the Alpine arc. It is still very present in our mountain homes. Renowned for its fortifying properties, it stimulates the appetite and has digestive properties.

GenepiLast but not least, the plant has been used since ancient times to combat a wide range of ailments. It is appreciated as a general tonic and to combat hot and cold spells (colds, sore throats, flu). It is also reputed to stimulate the respiratory tract.

but above all

With four flavours, Peach, Cola, Lemon and TonicWe want to offer our consumers, young and old, a healthy alternative to soft drinks and other chemical beverages.

That's why we've decided to revisit classic flavours by combining them with our local heritage. Our Tonic will also allow adults to rediscover a trendy flavour, but without alcohol and with exceptional value for money.


At the heart of the SWISS GRAPE FORCE and SWISS GRAPE 21 A unique grape juice concentrate obtained by evaporation at low temperature under vacuum. A method with no risk of altering quality.

SWISS GRAPE FORCE can be used in the composition of survival and military rations to cover energy requirements and ensure the nutritional balance of the individual.

The formula SWISS GRAPE 21 helps the liver, kidneys and gall bladder to eliminate toxins from the body. Ideal for boosting the body during a period of rest, ideally in spring or autumn.

but above all

Our team is made up of specialists in bioengineering (plant biotechnologies) and phytochemistry, as well as in nutraceuticals, physiology and nutrients. We operate in the health, food and sports markets.

They are offering you two revolutionary products: SWISS GRAPE 21 and SWISS GRAPE FORCE, to be taken as a course of treatment or to boost your body at the height of exercise. Rediscover the exceptional powers of grapes!


Our commitments

As social upheaval reinforces the desire for short distribution channels, the range of Swiss Alp Force Essentials comes to offer products that make sense. Our products are gluten-free, lactose-free, no preservatives.