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Simon Pellaud, the atypical racer crowned in the Tour de Bretagne 2023

Simon Pellaud's victory in the Tour de Bretagne 2023, supported by Swiss Alp Force, highlights the fundamental values of sport and perseverance. Let's find out how this atypical mountain biker embodies these principles.

Simon Pellaud's victory in the Tour de Bretagne 2023 is a source of inspiration for all sportspeople and cycling fans. Supported by Swiss Alp Force and Swiss Grape Force, this atypical mountain biker has persevered and shown that sporting values are essential to success.

  1. Perseverance: Simon has shown perseverance throughout his career, working hard and surpassing himself at every stage. It was this determination that enabled him to win the Tour de Bretagne 2023 and prove that it's possible to succeed even when you're not programmed to win.
  2. Team spirit: Although he won the Tour de Bretagne as leader, Simon has always been a dedicated team member, supporting his team-mates and contributing to their success. This solidarity and team spirit are fundamental values in the world of sport.
  3. Passion: Simon's passion for cycling and for his adopted country, Colombia, has driven him to surpass himself and give the best of himself. This passion is at the heart of every sportsman's success and helps him to overcome the obstacles he encounters along the way.
  4. Respect: Respect for other competitors, the rules of the game and the environment is also an essential value in sport. Simon Pellaud embodies this respect by showing humility and recognising the merits of his opponents.
  5. Commitment: Simon's commitment to cycling and his partnership with Swiss Alp Force demonstrate the importance of being fully involved in his sport. This commitment is necessary if you are to achieve your goals and realise your dreams.

In conclusion, Simon Pellaud's victory in the Tour de Bretagne 2023 is a celebration of the fundamental values of sport. Thanks to his perseverance, team spirit, passion, respect and commitment, Simon was able to climb to the top of the cycling world and win this prestigious competition. Swiss Alp Force is proud to support athletes like Simon Pellaud and to promote these values in the world of sport.